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Introducing Smeg Factory

Smeg Factory is a brand-new virtual meeting place for film makers and content creators.

Smeg Factory is a platform for sharing, a co-creation space for comparing and sharing ideas from creative from different countries and cultures around the world.

By putting the work of filmmakers and passionate ambassadors of the brand on centre stage, Smeg are seeking to recognise, reward and give voice to the talent, passion and skill of creators. Smeg will use the platform to explore new vocabulary, fresh and original creativity, through a direct channel with users.

For the first call “kids meet grown ups!”, launching 16th October until 11th December 2014, users will be called upon to design, create and realise stories and concepts by producing video content that depicts the funniest and most surprising stories about kids resembling grown-ups. Lots of great prizes have been lined up for the winners.

The Smeg Factory project is launched in collaboration with Userfarm Content Creators, the largest global video making community with more than 55,000 members who have produced videos, adverts and documentaries for some of the world’s top brands including Coca Cola, BMW, Nokia, Nespresso, Becks and Sky.